Time of Year
Senior Closed Championships
Preliminary rounds during April – May – June with Finals on Saturday July 22nd – afternoon
Mini and Junior Closed Championships
Qualifiers in June and Finals on Saturday July 15th – morning
Ladies' Open Tournament
One day event held in August – 2017 Wednesday August 9th
Mixed Doubles Closed Tournament One day event held in August – 2017 Monday August 28th
Fun Tournaments New Year and Easter Monday

Ladies’ Open Tournament Form 2017

Tournament Results 2017

Event Annual Senior Tournament Results 2017 – Winners and Runner-ups Score
Men's Singles Winner – Oli Callingham    Runner-up – Rob Callingham 6:0 6:4
Ladies' Singles Winner – Stella Smith    Runner-up – Louise West 6:3 6:2
Men's Doubles Winners – Oli Callingham and Cyril Penn    Runners-up – Keith Savage and Neil O'Boyle 6:2 6:2
Ladies' Doubles Winners – Stella Smith and Patti Francis-Kerr  Winners by default
Mixed Doubles Winners – Louise West and Rick West   Runners-up – Stella Smith and David Rowley 6:3 6:4
Vets Doubles Winners – Carol Jones and Neil O'Boyle   Winners by default
Draw for Partners Winners – Barbara France and Steve Pollard   Runners-up – Linda Lott and Jonathan Towse 6:4 6:4
Event Annual Junior Tournament Results 2017 – Winners and Runner-ups Score
Mini Reds Winner – Ollie Mason    Runner-up – Ted Lang ———-
Mini Reds Advanced Winner – Ollie Hume    Runner-up – Oscar Seal ———-
Mini Oranges Winner – Scarlett Jasper    Runner-up – Alex Crawley ———-
Mini Greens Winner – Sam Woodruff    Runner-up – Josh Tyler ———-
Under 14's Winner – Josh Petworth    Runner-up – Aiden Drake ———-
Under 16's Winner – Toby Buck    Runner-up – Josh Petworth ———-